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  1. Guest


    this is simmi from india.

    is there anyone who can tell me, how to post questions in this site.....i really feel like i m in the unknown world, please help me...............

  2. Guest

    Hi There,

     just go to any "Forum" and click on some "Catagory".

     you could see some options there and one among them is "POST A NEW THREAD" you can post your questions there.

     For Example:

    1. Forums

    2. ABAP Development

    3. ABAP, General

    4. Post new thread.

     never the lease first you should register yourself.



  3. Former Member

    Dear Wiki Admin,

    I'm wordering  why I can't add content to Wiki, it says 'i don't have permissions' to do so.!!! How do i get access to post something useful into Wiki.

    Thanks, MS

  4. Hi,

    In this wiki what type of comments can post and discuss.


    Kishore K

  5. Guest


    Is there anyway to see a list of all my SCN/SDN forum posts? 

    I can see a summary box that tells me I have made 2 posts, but I cannot find any way to see a list of those posts.


    P.S.  My other SCN/SDN identity has made 58 posts, but I cannot find them either.  I have to have two identities - one for AS Java questions, one for AS ABAP questions.  (smile)

  6. Hi team

    I am not able to upload an article in Wiki .. I am getting the below 2 error s please could sme one explain to me?


    The following error(s) occurred:

    • The editor content could not be parsed. There is a problem at line 33, column -1399. Parser message: String '--' not allowed in comment (missing '>'?) at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [33,-1399]
    • The parent page specified does not exist. It may have been renamed or removed since you started editing.
  7. Also I have one more question :

    Wiki for SAP and SCN are these 2 interconnected ... If I post my article on wiki will it add upto my points in SCN  ?? pLease do let me know ..  Thanks !