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TDS on irregular payment during regular payroll process

(Do not copy standard SCHEMA and PCR please copy the standard and modify it for your requirement)

Here i am trying to illustrate  how TDS will deduct during regular payroll process , and what changes we have to make for it 

References :  PCR INRT    SCHEMA  : ZNAL & INN1      FUNCTION: INBTD    SAP Note:1024284      TABLES: V_T7INA9 & V_T7INT9


Maintain wage type MTDR a model wage type provided by SAP for the calculation of TDS on irregular income during Regular payroll process with a tax code STDR ( please refer table V_T7INT9) for your allowance grouping ( maintain it through V_T7INA9)


Copy standard PCR INRT modify it , say ZNRT here all the wage types that should consider for TDS  to be added with wage type MTDR


Insert the PCR ZNRT in SCHEMA ZNAL  ( copy of standard schema INAL )


In SCHEMA ZNN1 ( copy of INN1 ) the line contain function  INBTD  insert just before the function INTAX 


(XXXX may be BON1, BON2 ,BON3 ,BON4 or BON5 as per the requirement  , Please refer documentation of  Function INBTD)

In when you run regular payroll you can see the TDS calculation under the node INBTD output table 

The calculation of income tax you can see  under function INTAX including the TDS 

The coming month tax will be deducting on regular income only 

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