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*Types of DSO : Standard DSO,

                             Direct update DSO,

                              Write Optimized DSO

Direct Update DSO: This DSO will have only Active data table, we can do reporting on this directly, ETL Process is not possible, we can use it in multi provider also, It doesn’t support Delta because there is no change log table

We can also use this DSO as Data Target in APD (Analysis Process Designer)

Transaction code for APD: RSANWB

Note in 3.X: We can’t do reporting on this ODS directly

We had a query where the lot of calculation has to be done, we want to do all the calculations in target level & improve the performance of query. So We have designed the query with all the calculations, we were calling it as source query, we were using this query as source query in APD &collecting output into Direct Update DSO, loading the data From Direct Update DSO to Cube & Executing the reports on that Cube 

APD is a tool set for complex analysis

Write optimized DSO: Semantic Keys, data fields , Technical Keys (Request id, Data Pocket ID, Record Number), Only Active data table, No Activation Process, Reporting is Possible, It supports Delta based on request number of active data table, we can use it in multi provider, Based on the semantic keys it identifies the duplicate records, Technical keys will act as a primary keys, - Staging

Structure of the table: Technical keys (Primary Keys) + Semantic keys +Data fields + Record number, ETL is supported


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