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Data load issue while loading the data from DSO to Info Cube after doing some enhancement in the entire flow

We added some Fields  characterstics and Keyfigures in the flow as per the requirement.

After adding the required fields and maintain all the transormations from Data Sourse to DSO and from DSO to Info Cube.

Then we load the data. WHile loading the data  Upto DSO data is loaded without any errors.

While loading data from DSO to Infocube it displays an error as DUMP error.

Solution for this type of loading issues is before loading the data form DSO to Infocube first we have to Reconstruct the Infocube.
Because when we added any Keyfigures to the Infocube while enhancing the Cube the structure of the cube is changing. So we have to reconstruct the Infocube.

Procedure for Reconstructing the Infocube.

Give the T-code SE14 in BW system

Give the Fact table name of the respective Info Cube in Obj.Name & select the Dictionary Objects as Tables and click on Edit.

Then in the next screen select the Processing type as Direct & select the radio button of Delete data and click on Activate and adjust database.

After activating this ones again try to load the data.

Now the data is loaded into Info cube without any errors.












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