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Extended Star Schema General Concept:

Conventional Star schema concept is there in any DWH whereas SAP BI has extended star schema concept to overcome limitation of traditional Star Schema concept.

Star Schema: Transactional Data will be captured in CUBE data target in SAP BI. CUBE contains dimensions and facts. SAP reporting feature has capability to show the report results multi-dimensionally based on the business requirement is its beauty. It supports 16 dimensions and 1 fact table. For example user would like to see a report based on Customer dimension wise sales Amount figures or plant dimension wise material's and its quantity figures availability, Chart of Account dimension wise Balances figures etc. Facts are Key figures. From the above example Sales Amount, Quantities and Balances are the key figures. A fact table is the central component whereas dimensions are surrounded around it which will be visualized as Star pictorially and hence its name star schema.

For example, following Sales Invoice Report is required by the user Customer dimension wise, Sales Invoices dimension wise, Material dimension wise, Unit of Measure dimension wise sales Quantities and Sales Amount Key figures to be shown. 

Dimensions Involved:

  1. Customer
  2. Sales Invoice Document Number
  3. Material
  4. Unit of Measure

Key Figures Involved:

  1. Sales Quantity
  2. Sales Amount

Fact table will be represented as




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