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Different types of cubes:

Standard info cube, Real-time cube: Data Targets & Info Providers

Virtual provider based on Direct Access DTP, Based on BAPI, Based on FM: Virtual Cubes (It doesn’t hold any data physically at the run time of the query it fetches data from the source & gives output)

 Data Target: Data Target is an object to which we can load data Physically

Info Provider: Info Provider is an object on which we can do the Reporting Standard info cube: It is an Data Target which can hold the data physically in it& also it is an Info Provider

Real-time info cube: Standard info cube + Transactional Property (Planning – writing records manually into the cube)

Planning: Anything we can decide in advance (Till BW 3.5 We use Transactional cube with BPS (Business planning and simulation) (BW & SEM Integration))

 In BI we use Real Time (Transactional) cube with IP (Integrated Planning)

 BPS:Business Planning & Simulation (Transaction code: BPS0)

The main concept of IP (BPS) is planning

We use IP (BPS) for Strategic , Operational Planning & Execution planning

 In BPS we can do planning in 2 types

 1. Manual Planning

2. Automatic Planning (By using planning Functions)

Manual Planning: We provide the user layouts using the interfaces like Excel, ALV grid (ABAP LIST VIEWER), Web based Excel. The end user will use the layouts and manually enter the plan data in the layout & once the plan data is saved, this data will be written to the Real Time (transactional) cube.

Multiple users can write the data at a time

 When we write the records to the cube it forms a request number which will store minimum of 50,000 records

Till 50,000 records it will have same request id & status will be in yellow

If we want the data immediately for reporting, make request status green forcefully

Automatic Planning (By using planning functions):

 There are some functions given by SAP, by using these function we automate the planning

Copy, Revaluation, Distribution by keys, aggregation, Fox Formula, Repost, Delete, Repost invalid combinations

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