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Every organization has its own business drivers, however most organizations will have these common objectives.

• Increase productivity
• Reduce operational cost
• Improved customer satisfaction

One of the key factors in the success of any Enterprise Asset Maintenance system implementation is the amount and quality of the data input. Not realizing they're creating a serious productivity hurdle, many plant operations are still using paper based data collecting. Relying on such paperwork creates a bottleneck of information flow. Without the right data available in a timely fashion, plant operations staff is not gaining the most from its EAM investment.

Instant visibility into metrics such as OEE enables plant managers to take quick action to maintain or improve indicators tied to plant operations and maintenance. Plant managers benefit from the ability to compare different production lines, equipment condition, maintenance activity, helping them establish best practices and drive optimal delivery. They can use this integrated software to communicate continuous improvement initiatives in real time and respond to unexpected deviations and exceptions in real-time - all using a simple mobile phone.

Since engineers and technicians most of the time are on the move, they need fast access to equipment and repair information. Managers must provide their employees with the technology and data they need. Mobile phones offers a proven solution for efficiently populating the data into a EAM system, helping technicians.

Collecting data, such as pressure, temperature, amps, and oil levels using a mobile phone, as well as performing inspection routes and calibration checks. Accessing work orders using mobile phones and also pushing work schedules are of great use. Technicians can perform the actual work with instructions on their mobile phone, enter time taken/work performed details, and close the work orders right on the mobile phone in real time. In addition, business rules and procedures can be enforced more easily with the use of software than with paper-based systems.

Mobile computing offers a proven solution for secured access of equipment history and repair information for engineers on the move. With mobile phones becoming lighter and powerful, manufacturing companies should take advantage of this technology to improve their productivity and efficiency. Enabling Agility in a manufacturing plant becomes so easy, there by increasing agility and efficiency using the vast array of low cost mobile phones.