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How do I become a blogger?

  • Quite, simple really, click this link and complete your profile. Once you receive the confirmation email you are ready to go!

Blogging First Steps

  • Posting Your First Blog - eClass (login required). Recording that describes posting a blog as a "weblogger" blogger (formerly entitled "junior" blogger).
  • To run a podcast in your blog, click the "media" icon and insert the URL. Choose a player, e.g. Quicktime and check the advanced option, e.g. you might not want the video to loop.


  • If you copy your content from MS Word, make sure you choose the little Word text icon at the top of the screen "Main text of weblog", i.e. copy from Word (CTRL C) and paste using the W icon (DO NOT USE CTRL V).
    Here's a screenshot with the W-Icon highlighted:
  • Some people have experienced problems pasting texts into the "Main text of weblog" window, e.g. text looked like HTML code with tags. Trouble shoot as follows:
    • Did you paste it using the "W" icon? If not, remove the content and try this.
    • If this doesn't work, you will have to edit it and click the "html" option in the editor on the right side of the toolbar and manually clean it up.
  • In any case, make sure you select your URL to open in a new window by selecting each of your links, clicking on the link icon at the top of your text and choosing "open link in a new window".

In order to upload your profile picture , please make sure it is a high resolution picture where your face is seen clearly, and send it by mail to: or

Note: When commenting to blogs

If you wish to include a long URL in your comment, please do it at the bottom of your comment so that it won't appear in the excerpted text and cause the column to widen & skew.

Do not use the comment section of a blog to communicate e-mail addresses and/or request a contact per e-mail. Consider commenting on a blog as similar to posting in the forums: if you want to connect with someone in the community, the e-mail address visible in the business card should allow to do so.

Steps to fix an 'oops' such as missing URL

  1. Go to "Blogger home" or "Expert home"
  2. Pick "Your Weblogs"
  3. Select the blog to edit
  4. Click Edit
  5. Change the URL
  6. Submit

How to Submit

When your blog is ready for final submission,click on Edit and select Ready for Approval as your blog Status and then submit. Your blog will then move from the Draft Posts to the Posts ready for approval. It will take a few days for your blog to be approved and published.

Additional Tips

  • Why don't they let me blog? Marilyn Pratt describes how to increase your chances of having your application to blog and your blogs accepted
  • Why should I blog? Question asked and answered on the Clue Train to SAP TechEd 2008 in Berlin.

Blog Ranking and Point System

Blog ranking alternatives - community discussion

Blog Ethics
What Should a Blogger's Terms of Discourse Be?


  1. Hi,

    * I have more than 100 points, but  I didn´t receive the invitation to be Junior Blogger, Why ?
    How will be made this invitation ?
    * I did not receive the referring points to the contributions in the WIKI, I will receive it ? 
    Marcelo Ramos

  2. Please contact regarding your inquiries.