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Know someone doing such a great job they deserve more than just points? Let us know who and why!

1. Manoj Shakya - He is the Top Contributor for ERP HCM forum. Whenever there is a query in Payroll and other modules of HR, he takes special Interest and spares his precious time to help the young aspirants  in solving their queries till they get the solution. The Query, which I was getting in Payroll is not single, but actually connected with so many points and is very typical and I was struggling for the past 25 days on the same issue asking everybody whom I know and others also, but no one helped. But when I posted my question in the forum, immediately Mr.Manoj very kindly has extended his part of help to me in such a way that he solved the problem in 4 days. I wish Him All The Very Best for his Future and May God Bless Him.

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    Hi All

     Even I also agree with Pavani.