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How to Contribute

What Sort of Content is SDN Looking For?

We're interested in topics related to SAP NetWeaver and its components, composite applications, and general technology as it relates to SAP, such as Java, web services, open source platforms, and scripting languages. So, whatever your development expertise, you'll find a home for it here.

What Sort of Content Is the Business Process Expert Community Looking For?

We're interested in topics related to the tasks of a business process expert, such as modeling and design or change management, areas of business expertise such as xApp Analytics or SCM, and industry-specific topics, such as processes unique to the consumer products industry. Case studies outlining in detail how you or your company tackled and solved a business challenge are particularly welcome.

How Do I Contribute?


Browse and post to forums  
In the forums, you can ask and answer questions, make comments, and read questions and answers from fellow SAP developers and business process experts "in the trenches." To contribute a question or a comment to a forum, simply go to the forums and start posting. (Note: Posting requires registration. If you are not registered yet, sign up here.)

Articles, Tutorials, and Whitepapers

For a quick overview of how to submit content using the Content Submission System, see the How to Contribute tutorial.
For SDN, this category includes everything from brief articles that explain how to use certain features of the APIs, to in depth how-to documents and case studies. We also like annotated code samples that show interesting techniques, and narratives detailing how a technical problem or implementation issue was resolved.
For the Business Process Expert Community, this category includes everything from case studies that describe in detail how you or your company solved a particular business problem at the business process level, to brief articles that explain how to work with BPX tools like Visual Composer and ARIS for SAP NetWeaver, to whitepapers addressing how best to use SAP solutions for industry-specific scenarios.
To contribute an article, whitepaper, or tutorial to SDN or BPX Community:

  1. Write your article using the SDN/BPX contributor template (DOC 143 KB). This template applies to SAP employees and contractors as well as external (non-SAP) contributors. 
  2. Save your completed file as a Microsoft Word file (.doc).
  3. Submit the file to the Content Submission System (site registration required).

Code Samples (SDN only)

You can contribute code samples in the SDN Code Gallery in the wiki. SDN accepts two kinds of code samples: code snippets, which are small pieces of code, and code tutorials, which are larger examples of code or even partial or almost complete applications.

eLearning and Multimedia

If you have a multimedia recording, such as a streaming interview and presentation, developer spotlight, video blog, or podcast that you would like to contribute, first check the eLearning Submission Guidelines to learn about our accepted file formats. You can then submit the file to the Content Submission System (site registration required).


The SDN/BPX Community wiki is a collaborative publishing area. In the wiki, you can browse, add, and change pages. Since anyone can change pages in the wiki, it should be used for content that can be extended or enhanced, or that is subject to frequent changes. In this way, users can collaborate on pages and incrementally add content.
For more information on using and contributing to the wiki, see the Wiki FAQ and Getting Started with Wikis.


To become a blogger, you first create your blogger profile. To do so, go to the Update Blogger Profile page in the Blogs area of the site, fill in the form and submit it. You will automatically be given blogging status, and you will receive an email explaining the remainder of the process. Once you have published a few blogs and gained experience with the tools, you may become an "expert" blogger.

What Will Happen to My Contribution?

Except for blogs, forum posts, and wiki entries, which users may self-publish, submitted content enters a process in which it is evaluated and processed by an SDN or BPX Community content strategist. If there are any issues or questions about your submission, or if your submission is not considered appropriate for publishing, you will be contacted. Processing time per submission may vary from just a few days to several weeks. Be assured, however, that we are working to get your contribution published as soon as possible.
If you submitted your content using the Content Submission System, you can also use that system to track your submission.

What Do I Get for Contributing?

To recognize the valuable contributions from our members, we devised the Contributor Recognition Program. Under the program, members earn points for each article, tutorial, eLearning, and blog authored and accepted for publication. Replies to forum posts also earn points. Points are aggregated, and those members with high scores receive recognition and awards under the program.

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