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If you like any of the SAP TechEd Live videos and would like to write a blog about it here is how you embed that video.

First you select the video on SAP TechEd Live. You view source (right mouse butten) of that page and search for "Flash".

the search brings you to the following line: 

flashvars="autoplay=false&vid=5507%2F1013324" width="556" height="338"

From there copy the parameter between the two " ".
In this above line it is: autoplay=false&vid=5507%2F1013324 
It  is the identifyer for the video that you want to embed.

Then start the editing of your blog post. Hit the little video icon and popup comes up.


The type of the video is flash.
File URL is:
Width and hight I took the samea as on the SAP TechEd Live site: Width="556" height="338"

Now jump to the Advanced tab.


In the Flashvars parameter copy video embed parameter, in our case it was: autoplay=false&vid=5507%2F1013324

Update and enjoy.