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To see operating concerns - Transaction code SPRO -SAP Reference IMG - Find – Operating concerns - Maintain operating concerns -IDEA - Display - Find Char and Value fields
KEB0 - By default -  1-CO-PA (fixed) - 1-CO-PA-IDEA-TEST->Maximum length of  COPA data source is 19 When you generate COPA data source
1.Account Based
2.Cost Based
3.Product Based
Cost Based  - It includes all the costs (advertisement cost,  Disbursement cost, Distribution cost)

Service Based: Account Based (It doesn’t include above)

In FI there is something called GL accounts (Cash is one account, land & building is one account)  All our GL accounts in finance will have corresponding cost elements
In controlling there  is something called Cost elements -All cost will not have GL accounts

Select Account based - Execute - Observe the fields - Give =INIT in transaction code tab - Observe the mandatory fields - Go back and select Cost Based - Execute - Observe the fields -  =INIT in transaction code tab - Observe the mandatory fields now

Now execute with cost based - Select the required fields - Click on Check - Click on Info Catalog (F7) - Select the Package - Continue - Save - Click on Generate (F8)
Replicate the data source in BI

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