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Applies to:

 SAP Business Intelligence 7.0. For more information, visit the Business Intelligence homepage.


This document comprise BI Background Management concepts in BW Context.

Author(s):    Carlos Basto

Company:    Accenture

Created on: 09.09.2011

 Author bio

Carlos Basto is a Senior Programmer at Accenture. He has been involved in SAP BW Consulting and Support Projects.

Introducing to SAP BI Background Management in BW Context

Before speaking about this SAP BI functionality we must understand where it takes place in our BW environment. 

BW environment performs a lot of processes all the time, but not always it’s made by a visible way. Sometimes it happens in the background: serially or in parallel.

This document will bring all needed information to use the parallel method of processing. 

SAP BI Background Management

This is a feature within Business Intelligence Component that makes possible to manage all process supports Background Processing as parallel process for example.

You can find all supported process by seeing the correspondent table RSBATCHDEBUGTYPE.

This view can be made by doing the following steps:

•At the transaction SE16, put the table name “RSBATCHDEBUGTYPE”;

•Click on the list icon;

•After, a selection screen is showed up.

•After executing it, find in the list all process supported by BI Background Management.

Setting Parallel Processing of BI Processes 

Most of process in parallel can be configured.

Normally, this kind of process runs in background with a performance-optimized focus. This way you can obtain the following benefits:

•Distribution of the work processes to reduce the system load.

•Logs Creation for monitoring these processes.

HINT: you can use RSBATCHPARALLEL and RSBATCHSERVER to see all settings you’ve made.

By default, the Background Management has already initial settings for all BI processes supported. However, these settings can also be changed as you want.

Setting Parallel Processing of BI Processes Types

Following types of Parallel Process are available through BI Background Management.

• Change initial setting for a BI process type:

• Set parallel processing for a specific BI process in the (variant) maintenance of the process

•Set parallel processing for a BI process in the mass maintenance of BI background management

Before go ahead, make sure that the background processing is available in the SAP System. To do this, verify if there’s at least one CCMS operation mode configured in the server.

If there isn’t, you can find all configurations needed to reach the requirement above in the following link.


BI Background Management, Logs and Tools

Process Types Supported by BI Background Management

Setting Parallel Processing of BI Processes