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I am using SSIS to load data into SAP BW. I am using MS Connector 1.1.

On the SAP BI Destination Screen when I need to look up the Infopackage/InfoSource, the DataSource created in SAP BW 7.0 and above version is not visible but infosource created in same BW server using 3.X option is visible.

Is this a known issue with SAP BI Destination? or am I not doing some steps correctly

Connection is ok and I am able to load data to this 3.X version of infosource. 

Please help me on this.


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  1. Former Member

    Can you tell me what BW 7.0 service pack you are on. What version of SSIS are you using. We are having issues getting ours to work. It worked a few times now it does not. Does your machine running SSIS have the sap gui installed on it. What is the version of your librfc.dll file on the SSIS machine. I am also curious as to why SSIS is using 3.5 objects and not 7.0