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Error\Issue: Microsoft Excel file does not open when clicked on it. 

Applicable: Users running Business Objects application in integration with Microsoft Excel application on Windows Operating system platform.

Causal Reasons: There may be an issue with Microsoft file association or dynamic linked functions of Microsoft not functioning correctly or some Microsoft functionalities not functioning properly due to SAP Business Objects Enterprise integration with Microsoft Excel.

Reproduce Error\Issue: Open a Microsoft Excel application file on any directory of your Desktop and click on it (double click or  whatever). The file does not open. Only way for us to open the file will be like, open Excel application only, click office button or click file, open file, navigate to file that we need to open and then the file opened. Microsoft Excel file does not open directly when clicked (Double clicked or whatever) in any directory of the Windows system.


1. Open the Microsoft Excel application from Start > All programs on user Windows Desktop.

2. Click Office Button (left top corner of an Open Microsoft Application)> Click Excel option in the popup that pops up when clicked on Office button.

3. on the pop up which says Excel option,. On the left hand pane navigate to the section called "Advanced" and then right hand section navigate to General Section,. Over here,

un-check the checked button "Ignore Other Application that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)" and click ok.

4. Close the Microsoft Excel application.

Testing whether this works or not:

1. Open a Microsoft Excel application file on any directory of your Desktop and click on it (double click or whatever). The file should simply open.

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