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This is a public copy of the original located in the moderator space. Links have been disabled here.

* Welcome to Moderator Rules of Engagement*

  The SCN's rules of engagement for moderators were written by moderators for moderators. Here you will find all the guidelines and information you need to know for moderating on SCN. 

SAP appreciates your interest at becoming an SAP Community Network (“SCN”) Moderator. Becoming an SCN Moderator is a privilege, granted to you by SAP and may be revoked at any time. As an SCN Moderator, you are expected to act in an ethical, professional, and responsible manner at all times.

All SCN Moderators are required to:

1. Encourage appropriate behavior according to the guidelines.

2. Report all prohibited, repetitive, suspicious, or harassing behavior to the collaboration team at immediately.

3. Report all cases of suspected copyright violations, plagiarism, violations of other intellectual property right or law to the collaboration team at immediately.

 General Guidelines:

SCN moderation is a voluntary task. Before volunteering please be aware of the following moderator activities and responsibilities:

  • Be a subject matter expert- You should be a subject matter expert in the area/category you are moderating.
  • Engage and gain recognition-  Engage  the community with "Community Spirit" and provide constructive guidance.
  • Familiarize yourself and others with SCN Rules of Engagement- Read the SCN Rules of Engagement, encourage all community members to follow them and as a moderator enforce them as well.
  • Minimum of weekly presence on SCN -  Regardless of the SCN medium (wikis, forums, blogs, etc) it is expected that you will be active at least once a week.  Simply “showing some face” typically solves about half of the general misbehavior observed in un-moderated SCN areas and also gives you the opportunity to catch problems early.
  • Check SCN moderators admin tools at least once a week- SCN  provides various moderation tools to monitor / review / approve / edit contributions and content. Checking these tools for your area and medium(s) on a weekly basis is also expected as part of the moderator tasks.
  • Keep SCN a friendly place-  To keep SCN a friendly place, a general positive attitude towards contributors, both new and old, and fellow moderators is appreciated and encouraged. You should keep this spirit also when rejecting posts, asking authors to upgrade their blogs/wiki content. Subsequently or even alternately a bit of humor also helps a lot to defuse such issues.
  • Respect fellow moderators- When engaging a fellow moderator, be open to constructive criticism and be sure to convey yours in a gentle manner. If you fail to reach an agreement on a specific topic with a fellow moderator, you should reach out to the collaboration team for assistance. Another outlet is raising it in the moderators forum .
  • Remember you represent SCN- Being an SCN moderator also makes you an “Ambassador” of the SCN platform in your area and extension of the large team which keeps the platform running and improving. You should keep this in mind when performing your moderator tasks and even contributions, such as for example encouraging others to contribute quality content by helping them and giving others a chance to answer an interesting discussion topic instead of rushing in to answer it yourself. A moderator should also be a good observer.
  • Create answered forums' FAQ in the wiki- Posting solutions to a forum's FAQs in its relevant wiki will help reduce repeated questions in the forum (for help in creating a FAQ, please reach out to Moshe Naveh).
  • Be accessible- Users should be able to contact moderators (add yourself to the relevant moderators list, see below).
  • Be yourself- Finally, you need to be yourself – moderation of a voluntary “on-line” community is something which you should also enjoy doing.

For any issue related to moderation in forums/blogs/wiki, report it to the Global Moderators through direct email or via scnmoderators.

If you fail to adequately or appropriately perform these tasks, or if SAP determines that you are misusing your SCN Moderator privileges, your status as an SCN Moderator may be revoked immediately at SAP’s sole discretion.

Please note that by being an SCN moderator you agree to perform the tasks outlined above in an ethical, professional and responsible manner at all times, and you hereby grant SAP with the right to use, distribute, and publicly display and promote your name and likeness as an SCN Moderator.

You may remove your account from the list of moderators at any time by sending an email with the removal request to SCN.

SCN Moderators Guidelines per Topic

* Blog Moderators *

* Add your name to the list of blog moderators
* Watch Blogs Moderators training clip
* Review the blog moderator guide and blog moderation training
* Review pending blogs within 7 working days
* Grant blogs points within 4/5 working days
* Monitor blog comments
* Upgrade user to Expert Blogger level by contacting the SCN Collab Team

For the extended blog guidelines - Click Here

* Wiki Moderators *

* Add your name to the list of wiki moderators
* Watch Wiki Moderators training clip 
Watch your wiki space
* Watch the wiki stage
* Recruit wiki space editors
* Award points on a weekly basis
* Monitor the "User Notifications"
* Post relevant codes in the Code Exchange or if suitable in the Code Gallery

For the extended wiki guidelines - Click Here

* Forum Moderators *

* Add your name to the list of forum moderators
* Watch Forums Moderators training clip  
* Review forum threads daily
* Relocate irrelevant thread 
* Review the abuse button usage report
* Extinguish all flame wars
* Discourage all points gamers

For the extended forum guidelines - Click Here

SCN Blogs Moderators Top Guidelines: 

  1. Add your name to the list of blog moderators.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the tasks and responsibilities covered in the Blog Moderator Guide and Blog moderation training.
  3. Pending blog should be reviewed and approved within 7 working days by the relevant moderators. It is recommended that one moderator completes the process. But if the blog is untouched for more than two days, other moderators should jump in.
  4. Blogs without points should be assigned points approximately 4/5 working days after publication.
  5. Blog comments should be monitored and action taken where relevant. To facilitate monitoring a categorized recent blog comments column and RSS feed can be accessed from the 'Blogs by Category page.
  6. If you have copyright concerns, google parts of the blog. If your suspicions are confirmed please contact the SCN Team.
  7. The SCN collaboration team should be contacted whenever you want to upgrade a user to an expert blogger level.
  8. When reviewing a blog, please be sure to follow the guidelines given in Jeanne Carboni's blog "Build Better Blogs".

SCN Wiki Moderators Top Guidelines: 

1. Monitor your wiki space content for new pages, edited pages and comments twice a week (tip: set up watch notifications ).

2. Monitor wiki stage space content for new relevant pages, twice a week (tip: set up watch notifications) and move the valuable contributions from the wiki stage to the space.
3. Invite expert contributors to become wiki space editors and help moderate your space.
4. Award points on a weekly basis using the wiki point scale recommended in the points guidelines .
5. Monitor the "User Notifications " tab and award points and reply to contributors when appropriate.
6. If code samples are relevant to the topic you are monitoring, please post them in Code Exchange or if suitable in the Code Gallery .
7.If you have copyright concerns, google parts of the wiki. If your suspicions are confirmed please contact the SCN Team.

More Wiki Guidelines:

The Wiki FAQ includes a section on content restrictions. Moderators are expected to understand these guidelines, abide by them, communicate them to potential page editors, and report violations. With questions of copyright (or "copy and paste"), escalate as necessary. 

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SCN Forums Moderator Top Guidelines:

1. Review threads daily, or twice a week, depending on forum traffic (tip: set up watch notifications ).
2. Move irrelevant threads to the appropriate forum yourself or place a link in the moderator forum with a request to move it.
3. Review the abuse button usage report and take appropriate action, twice a week.
4. Extinguish all flame wars.
5. Find points gamers and discourage them with warnings. As a last resort, ask for the user to be deleted via the moderator forum.
6. Encourage members to award points and to mark open questions as "answered" when appropriate.
7. With the aim of reducing open question but allowing more community members to participate, try to provide a response to open questions after 2-3 days.

More Forums Guidelines:
  • Search before you post- You should encourage users to be mindful of other’s time and explore the archive or other sources for a possible solution before posting a question.
  • Inform the user of the reason you locked the thread- Whenever you decide to lock a thread, the poster should be informed about the reason of locking the thread. It could be in form of an email sent to the user or updating the thread with a comment.
  • Align with other moderators- If an action is taken on a thread/message by one moderator, before taking any further action on the same thread/message, get in touch with other moderator. If no information is available about the other moderator, raise a thread in Moderator's Forum first.
  • A thread belonging to an incorrect forum should be:
    Moved to the correct forum if Moderator has that authorization or requested to be moved by raising a thread in Moderator's forum.
  • When you encounter forum offences (listed below) send the offender a notice of guidance. If the community member repeats his actions, send a clear warning that we will take the needed actions including deletion of his SCN account if he/she continues. If he/she still doesn't change his/her ways, proceed to the deletion of user process described in the next section.
  •  The forum offences include:
    1. Asking repetitive basic questions that can easily be found by searching.
    2. Replying with links to other answered threads. Instead you should encourage contributors to search before posting.
    3. Closing thread with unnecessary comments like "asdf", "answered".
    4. Posting multiple threads for the same question in the same forum or cross posting. Instead users should be choosing the best forum to post and doing so only in one.
    5. Contributor asks again and again for points. Points are a voluntariy way to thank, they are not required.
    6. Improper language/words or their variants are used - "urgent", "emergency".
    7. Spamming or advertising with irrelevant threads.
    8. Copy-pasting others content (for this offence, please contact the Collaboration team and don't reach out directly to the contributor).
Deletion of user:
  • Regarding repeated offenders, at least 2 warnings should be sent to a poster before requesting deletion of the user.Before sending a second warning, please notify the collaboration team via the Moderators forum.
  • If Point gaming is identified, raise a thread in Moderator's forum with the users' details. No warning is required in this case. <Not final, under discussion>

Delete/Edit a thread or message:

  • If only a part of the content is removed, place a remark <REMOVED BY MODERATOR> in red color along with the reason (if required).
  • Delete a post if an Abuse Report is found corresponding to the message.
  • Posts from a Repeated offender can however be deleted based on Moderator's discretion.
  • Notify the user about deleting the messages/threads at least once.
  • Do not edit a message if you simply disagree with the content posted by any user. In such cases, show you disagreement by responding to the thread with your views.

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