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Community Projects are a way for SDN community members to collaborate and develop useful solutions for SAP products and the SDN site. New projects are announced on the Contributor's Corner homepage. Add yours to the list or click "ADD PAGE" and start a new one.

Each of the projects listed here are done by SDN and BPX community members, the material and what they post is used on an "as is" basis.

Project List

  • SAPmvc Framework
    • SAPmvc is an Open Source framework created to introduce the MVC design pattern to the ABAP Classical Dynpro using the pure ABAP Objects.
      By decoupling models and views, MVC helps to reduce the complexity in architectural design, and to increase flexibility and reuse. Because of this separation, multiple views and controllers can interface with the same model. Even new types of views and controllers that never existed before can interface with a model without forcing a change in the model design.
  • SAP enhancement packages (May 2008 / RUNNING)
    • SAP enhancement packages represent a new software delivery strategy that allows you to get innovations on top of SAP ERP 6.0 without the need for fully upgrading your current release. This community project outlines the ideas of the new concept and describes best practices regarding the implementation procedure.
  • SAPLink: ABAP Source Code Distribution
    • The SAPLink project aims to make it easier to share ABAP code between developers. It will provide the ability to easily distribute and package custom objects. Blog
  • SAP PHP Framework
    • Creation of a framework for easily connecting and consuming of SAP functions through PHP
  • Scripting in a Box
    • Complete, configurable, extensible - an entire development environment giving you the ability to quickly test and compare the use of PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby (including Ruby on Rails) with SAP
  • Composition On Grails
    • Composition on Rails adds scripting and a rails web application framework with support for Web Dynpro, Enterprise Web Services and BAPIs to SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1
  • Detroubulator
    • Detroubulator is a software tool for automated unit testing of SAP XI mapping programs.
  • HTTP Client for PI/XI
    • This is a Windows based tool for testing PI/XI interfaces using HTTP post. Features like saving and loading a project are provided for ease of use.
  • BW Web Printer
    • This software allows SAP BW web reports to be printed out directly from a web browser. It allows both fit to page and tile over multiple page options fully controlled by the user
  • DynPagePlus
    • DynPagePlus is an extension to the existing SAP DynPage framework. The DynPagePlus extension simplifies the development of DynPages and reduces errors by automating lifespan processes and automatically binding control values to properties. Blog
  • Developing Eclipse Plugins for XI
    • Plugins enables Eclipse users to directly connect to SAP R/3 from their Eclipse IDE. As a prerequisite, JCo 2.0 must be installed in the system. Blog
  • SDN: KM Weblog Package
    • This project is a creation of a weblog solution based on the SAP Knowledge Management (KM) in SAP NetWeaver Portal Platform. Blog
  • abap-fckeditor
    • An ABAP/BSP Extension version of the FCKeditor This will be an ABAP/BSP Extension version of the very popular text editor - FCKeditor - ( The BSP Extension will hide the inner details of the JavaScript implementation and will support the full range of Extension functionality - such as MVC Data Binding. The project will be distributed via SAPlink. Blog
  • abap-flickr
    • An ABAP version of the Flickr API This will be a set of ABAP Classes that serve as wrappers for the Flickr API ( They will bring the functionality of Flickr to Enterprise Developers (not sure there is a need for that, but it has been a fun project anyway). The classes handle all the low level communication and translate the nested Flickr return structures into flat ABAP structures or internal tables. The final project will be distributed via SAPLink. Blog
    • This project aims to develop tools to convert ABAP objects / XML to JSON format and parse JSON to ABAP objects / XML.
  • ABAP JavaScript
    • Taking the best of Prototype, and Rails UI development and packaging it into a nice easy to use enterprisey package. Blog
  • BPX Community Project
    • Members of the BPX community have begun to create an illuminating "true life" story of a Business Process Improvement project, complete with a cast of characters and scenarios.
  • ZWiki - Enterprise 2.0 in action
    • Open source wiki application written in Abap.
  • ABAP Report and Join Wizards
    • Two ABAP based tools that help developers in their day-to-day activities. Blog That includes:
      • ABAP Report Wizard - A tool to generate a ABAP Report using Predefined standards and the latest ALV classes;
      • ABAP JOIN Wizard - A tool that can be called from Classes, Function Modules, Reports and Includes that generates a Select statement including a JOIN that is defined graphically. Additionally, the supporting variables are defined.
  • SAPChess
    • SAPChess is an open source game developed in ABAP that let you play Chess in three options: Single Player / Multiplayer / CPU versus. Blog
  • SAP Elegant Finder
    • SAP Elegant Finder is the Open Source project that aims make searching data through Web Dynpro ABAP a pleasure. Blog
  • sapmp3
    • SAP MP3 is an open source ABAP MP3 Processing Class to handle metadata (ID3 tags) and images. Blog

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