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 In the forums you can see how many people are currently online. Here we are tracking the record. Only signed in users count, no guests.

Online users on Nov 28th,2008

What is the record of online users? So who will capture the snapshot that breaks the current records & adds it here? Will it be you?

Current User Record

 Online users on 31st Oct, 2008

    online users on 1st April 2008





The current record was captured by Srinivasa Bhanuprasad Moningi with *Online Users: 2264 and Guests: 7708 on December 11, 2007!  

The current record was captured by Sriramachandra Murthy Parasuramuni*with *Online Users: 2181 and Guests: 5799 on December 11, 2007!  

The current record was captured by Alvaro Tejada with OnLine Users: 4,259 and Guests: 1,100 on September 25, 2007!

Past Records 

On August 30, 2007 Ram Manohar caught 2129 users and 6601 guests

On May 21, 2007 Sriramachandra Murthy Parasuramuni caught the shot of 2053 Users and 850

Bhanu Gupta at 1678 users

This image by Michael Schwandt shows 1,536 users!


  1. But what about this Thread with 14437 views to this moment ? Does it qualify for any record?

  2. not tracking invidual threads as that count is new implementation from last year