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Personal Object Work List/ Power List is a tool that provides central personalized access to worklists. It gives an user a portal-based interface that he can use to define (and optionally store) queries in a similar way as he is used to from R/3 selection screen variants.

Although there is already a generic worklist tool offered in Enterprise Portal, called the Universal Worklist (UWL), the special need for user-definable worklists is not satisfied. This is because the UWL has just an opposite paradigm: the user is shown those objects he is obliged to process or to notice, e.g. workflow items and alerts from an attached ERP system (as of today, the UWL does not officially support other object types anyway). The creation of a custom query that delivers a list of objects (of an arbitrary type) the respective user is merely interested in or he has to select on its own for his daily work is therefore not in scope of the UWL and thus comes in - POWL .