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How is it possible to restart a process chain at a failed step/request?
On rare situations, there is limited help to just set a request to green status in order to run the ProcessChain from the respective step on to the end.
You need to set the failed request/step to green in the database as well as you need to raise the event that will force the process chain to run to the end from the next request/step on.

Therefore you need to open the messages of a failed step by right clicking on it and selecting 'display messages'.
In the opened popup click on the tab 'Chain'.
In a parallel session goto transaction se16 for table rspcprocesslog and display the entries with the following selections:
   1. copy the variant from the popup to the variante of table rspcprocesslog
   2. copy the instance from the popup to the instance of table rspcprocesslog
   3. copy the start date from the popup to the batchdate of table rspcprocesslog
Press F8 to display the entries of table rspcprocesslog.
Now open another session and goto transaction se37. Enter RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH as the name of the function module and run the fm in test mode.
Now copy the entries of table rspcprocesslog to the input parameters of the function module like described as follows:
   1. rspcprocesslog-log_id -> i_logid
   2. rspcprocesslog-type -> i_type
   3. rspcprocesslog-variante -> i_variant
   4. rspcprocesslog-instance -> i_instance
   5. enter 'G' for parameter i_state (sets the status to green).
Now press F8 to run the fm.
Now the actual process will be set to green and the following process in the chain will be started and the chain can run to the end.

I_LOGID – “Log id” is available in the Log view of the process chain.

I_TYPE – Retrieve this I_TYPE from RSPCPROCESSLOG table from SE11 by providing all these details available.

I_VARIANT - This will be the instance available in the right click of variant à display messages à Chain (tab).

I_INSTANCE – This will be the instance available in the right click of variant à display messages à Chain (tab).

I_STATE – This will be “G” if we want to make the process green.

Of course you can also set the state of a specific step in the chain to any other possible value like 'R' = ended with errors, 'F' = finished, 'X' = cancelled ....
Check out the value help on field rspcprocesslog-state in transaction se16 for the possible values.

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