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The SAP Community Network, also profiled in (Social Marketing to the Business Customer) book, is a branded B2B social network with nearly 2 million members — less than 10 percent of whom are company employees. The community generate 6,000 posts per day in 200+ discussion forums. The SAP Community Network… makes a market for SAPs products much more efficiently than the company could do exclusively through its own sales and marketing channels. Intangible benefits like easier networking, industry recognition and professional development drive community engagement. "
Paul GIllin & Eric Schwartzman, Authors of Social Marketing to the Business Customer

"After years consuming SCN content, I have discovered that being a contributor makes me feel much more connected with like-minded professionals in the SAP community, and motivates me to engage even further."
John Moy, Australia Post

"The SCN Community is a great place to learn, share, and network. You can build a virtual network of people with the same interests...”
Susan R. Keohan, MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

"Through the community we found a partner developing a grants proposal solution that perfectly solved our problems...”
Kelly Jones, Collier County, Florida 

“…with the SAP Community Network were able to capitalize on the content and lessons learned to significantly shorten our learning curve and development life cycles..."
Phillip Parkinson, Standard Bank

"I check out SAP Community Network everyday …it will definitely help us with our Business Objects go-live in 2011… "
Tammy Powlas, Fairfax (Virginia) Water

Video Testimonials

 SAP Customers share their Run Better with SAP experience  

Dr. Marco Lenck from
Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH

Jim Cush from CBS Corporation

Martin Rodek from JP Morgan




Blog Testimonials 

  1. The IBM team sees value in SAP Community Network: IBM’s SAP Alliance team partner with SAP Community Network in social media
  2. SAP Community Network Means Business ! Forester Research Inc. has found that professionals who engage in online community forums and discussions are important when it comes to making business decisions, especially purchasing decisions. 
  3. Baylor College of Medicine cures it's IT ailments with help from the community.
  4. Walt Disney Company is a fun and magical place, but David Hull knows how to get things done with the help of the SAP Communities.
  5. Fairfax Water  is Virginia's largest water utility serving nearly 1.7 million people. As a project management professional, Tammy Powlas, who needs to be updated on all things related to SAP BW NetWeaver, FI, CO, SEM and ASAP tools--  has chosen to run more efficiently by using SCN.
  6. SAP customer panel was led by Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President of SAP Community Network, at SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2010!   Learn why companies like Valero Energy, Aetna Financial Services, SEI Investments and Fairfax Water choose to use SCN as a resource in Fear and Loving in Las Vegas
  7. How do you and your team access the information you need to operate? David Hull, Infrastructure Architect with Walt Disney Co. believes the most powerful way is by learning content as part of a community.
  8. There is so much Michelle Crapo, Programmer Analyst at Perrigo, is thankful for about the SCN community.
  9. SAP Inside Track events are community initiatives where members decide to meet and learn from the expertise of one another, right in their own geographic area! Greg Myers, Senior Business Intelligence Engineer at SEI Investment Company, blogs about his first impressions .

SAP Community Network Briefing Book

The SAP Community Network (SCN) briefing book is designed to provide background information on SCN to SAP influencers, community spokespeople, and others. Read more here .

Analysts Quotes

 "SAP is far and away the community superstar..."

The social media consultancy ComBlu ranked the SAP Community Network (SCN) the #2 (one point behind the #1 finisher!) community on the planet in their third annual "State of Online Branded Communities" report (November 2011).  Selected quotes: "Not surprising, customer support is a core community strategy..." + "...does the best job delivering an integrated peer-to-peer support experience..." + "SAP is far and away the community superstar..." + "SAP has a great reputation management system..." + "incorporates all three pillars of engagement: feedback, advocacy, and support..." and much more. 

SAP Community Network Means Business

Forester Research, Inc agrees that online forums and discussion groups are an important tool when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Learn how Walt Disney Co, Fairfax Water, and Baylor Medical School use SAP Community Network to make smarter business decisions. Read more

SAP Community Network and SAP EcoHub receives positive coverage by bloggers, authors.


  1. Social Marketing to the Busines Customer -Paul Gillin & Eric Schwartzman
  2. The Network is Your Customer - David L. Rogers (With clear analysis and practical frameworks, this book provides a strategic guide that any business or non-profit can use to succeed in the digital age)
  3. The Power of Pull - John Hagel & John Seely Brown (This book is one of the most comprehensively thought out books on the subject of social media and the future of the enterprise to have come out)
  4. The Hyper-Social Organization - Francois Gossieaux (This book is the definitive guide to using social media for organizational success)
  5. Open Leadership - Charlene Li (An essential guide for leaders who want to use social media to be "open" while maintaining control)
  6. Power - Jeffrey Pfeffer (In this crowning achievement, one of the greatest minds in management theory reveals how to succeed and wield power in the real world)
  7. Smart Business, Social Business  - Michael Brito (a playbook for social media in your organization)
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