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Experience the Value of SAP Community Network as Told By ANALYSTS and INFLUENCERS   

SAP Community Network and SAP EcoHub receives positive coverage by bloggers, authors.

  1. The Network is Your Customer - David L. Rogers
  2. The Power of Pull - John Hagel & John Seely Brown
  3. The Hyper-Social Organization - Francois Gossieaux
  4. Open Leadership - Charlene Li
  5. Power - Jeffrey Pfeffer

5th Book This Year -- "The Network is Your Customer" -- Shines a Spotlight on SAP Communities  - Mark Yolton

Quotes from the book "the Power of Pull" by John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Lang Davidson refer to SAP and SCN

  1. “The result was the SAP Developer Network (SDN), a broad ecosystem of participants interacting in discussion forums, wikis, videos, and blogs. In one fell swoop, SAP went beyond the limitations of its own resources to access a broad network of talented and passionate participants who proved to be crucial  to the platform’s success.”  (p.74)
  2. “The SDN was a success in no small part because it provided ample opportunity for nearly everybody involved to become more productive in what they do.” (p.75)
  3. “A key to the pull approaches in the use of ‘platforms’ that are designed to flexibly accommodate diverse providers and users of resources. SAP’s Developer Network is one good example. These platforms are open-ended and designed to evolve based on the learning and the changing needs of the participants.” (p.75)
  4. “SAP’s example shows that companies can influence and shape the direction in which the community goes – so that it creates the most value for all the participants – without over-controlling things.” (p.77)
  5. “[SAP] launched a creation space consisting of forums, wikis, videos, and blogs targeting a diverse set of relevant participants…SAP realized that collaboration among participants was essential, and it designed these creation spaces to encourage peer-to-peer interactions…The results have been impressive, not only in the scale of the creation space but in the learning and performance improvements it has produced.” (p.136-137)
  6. “Although more qualitative, there is early evidence from SAP’s Developer Network suggesting scalable growth of participation and contributions in this creations space.” (p.149)
  7. “The SDN was a success in no small part because it provided ample opportunity for nearly everybody involved to become more productive in what they do.” (p.75)
     Quotes from 2009
  1. "The (SAP) Developer Network started as an online forum that helped software programmers get quick resolution of specific programming problems. The SDN encouraged rapid adoption because it addressed real problems in programmers' day-to-day jobs and did not demand a lot from them; all they had to do was register once and begin posting problems. The initial positive experience was soon reinforced when programmers discovered that their problems were quickly solved and that their productivity significantly improved. This encouraged them to keep returning and investing more time in the network."
    The Washington Post, 

  2. "While a 2010 report ... showed that many corporate communities had not evolved over the last year, leaders in the space like ... SAP will show other companies the way..."
    Aaron Strout, CMO, Powered, Inc.

  3. "One of the most valuable (benefits of social media) is its power to give employees at all levels of the company real-time insights into customer needs, interests and problems. And the prominence of SCN has had a positive impact on the perception of SAP as a company that is open and collaborative. Customers generally are happy when a supplier will really listen to them, a process that is inherent in the structure of SCN..."
    Richard Adler, Rapporteur, Leveraging the Talent-Driven - Communications and Society Program, The Aspen Institute, March 2010
  5. " ranks in a virtual tie with for first place, and achieves an astonishing 18 "Good" and "Best Practice" ratings..."
     siteIQ ScoreCard, " Communities"

  6. "SAP ranks in the top ten of "the world's most valuable brands based on how they leverage social media to interact with customers."
    Altimeter, "The World's Most Valuable Brands. Who's Most Engaged"

  7. "SAP, a long-established company renowned for its deep internal integration of enterprise software, has also evolved substantial external ecosystems around its technologies. The SAP Developers Network, an online community where any SAP developer or power user can ask fellow members for support with an SAP software problem. At very little cost to SAP, this network provides both solutions to its customers and business opportunities to its ecosystem partners."
    Harvard Business Review, "Use Open Innovation to Cope in a Downturn"
  8. "SAP has elevated its community development into an entire practice within the company, and it allows the most dedicated members of its community direct access to senior management to provide feedback on products, services, and strategy. This is a best practice that Forrester believes will become common over the next decade as more companies realize that while community development can be difficult to manage, it may be the best way to stay customer focused and relevant in a rapidly changing competitive environment."
    Forrester, "Four Essential Components of Successful Innovation Initiatives"

  9. "Think about this for a minute. If what we're seeing in World of Warcraft, as well as in SAP's Software Developer Network and the world of big wave surfing, among other places, is indicative of something broader, then we're seeing the emergence of a new kind of learning curve as we scale connectivity and learning through pull, rather than scaling efficiency through push. We call it the "collaboration curve".", "Introducing the Collaboration Curve"

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