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The motivation behind this project goes back to my first beginnings here on SDN with PHP. When I first read Craig's blog PHP and SAP, together at last?!...I knew that great thing would happens to me that year (2006). First, I became an SDN Blogger and published my first blog Tasting the mix of PHP and SAP.

Existing Pieces of the Puzzle
  • SE11
  • SE16
  • SM30
  • SE10
  • SBWP
  • SE38
  • ST22

As you may see...My main goal is to develop an SAP PHP based Framework, name it SAPHP, or something else. Of course, a lot of work must be done and a lot of things must be improved...For example:

  • SE11 --> Be able to create Tables, Domains, Data Elements.
  • SE10 --> Be able to create new Transport Orders.
  • SE38 --> Be able to create programs and save them on SAP.
  • ST22 --> Be able to read the Short Dump information.
Why make a Framework?

The best thing of a Framework is that it could be easily extended, so anyone can develop a new transaction and include it, share it or modify existing ones.

Project Names (suggestions)
  • SPF 640 - *S*AP *P*HP *F*ramework 640 for NetWeaver and SPF
  • It doesn't have to be an acronym. Think iPod, Zune, Muse, Symfony, Cake, Accenture, Apple (Heard of them?)
  • Clarity
  • Steak - with appologies to vegetarians
  • Juice
  • Lima
  • Trujillo
  • Llama
  • Machu Picchu
  • so put your marketing hat on! It's all about getting something that is imaginative and distinctive rather than describing what it is.

 Other PHP frameworks

It would be good to use one of these frameworks as they have done all the hard stuff and most of them do the CRUD scaffolding that you get from Ruby on Rails.

 First Approaches

This link leads you to the first framework UML approach send it by Alvaro Tejada aka Blag. Feel free to add your own UML approaches.

Blag's UML approach 

 Forum Discussion

SAP PHP Framework  

 Google Project


Any interested in become a project member should write me an e-mail.

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  1. SPF is still my vote (smile)

  2. Unknown User (y564u8t)

    Hello gyus (smile)

    why dont you leave it just "SAP PHP Framework"
    its pretty descriptive and you get the point of the project at first glance

    I think that no abbreviations and code names are nessesary so  i vote for "SAP PHP Framework" (smile)

  3. Unknown User (104ylj8c5)

    Hi Guys,

    Cool Idea (choose CakePHP (smile))