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At 10jumps we use Drupal heavily. Drupal offers very flexible, robust and rich UI experience. It is the platform we feel confident of proposing to our clients for their websites. One of our recent research work at 10jumps alongwith Acquia was to fiddle around with Drupal and SAP integration.

Why SAP? The core team at 10jumps have extensive SAP knowledge coming from SAP world.Well just not that! SAP offers the most used ERP solutions in the world.

Why Drupal and SAP? It is still missing in the Drupal community. SAP does sound intimidating at first to integrate with Drupal. But we have dug deep into the intricacies and have found out that it is possible.

Such an integration not only gives the flexibilty of using Drupal as the main platform to build the front-end but also gives us all the benefits that SAP ERP has to offer. Many businesses small or big use SAP ERP ( HR, CRM, SRM, SCM, Business Intelligence and more).

Now, with Drupal ( Drupal Commons specifically) it can make it possible for them to integrate various scenarios into SAP ERP and provide flexibility of using different front-end solutions.

What is Drupal Commons?

It is Acquia offering. As per the acquia website: Drupal Commons is a single ready-to-use solution that provides familiar tools from the social web to help you create positive buzz, loyalty, and satisfaction in your community. Drupal Commons pre-assembles for you all the features refined across tens of thousands of Drupal community sites. Plus, you can go way beyond that; since Commons is based on the wildly popular Drupal open source web CMS platform, so you get unlimited freedom to add or change how it looks or works to meet the unique needs of your community.

SAP & Drupal Commons can make an unique duo and provide the user all the rich and flexible Drupal Commons features (also free !!) alongwith SAP backend support. The following video shows the integration scenario between Drupal and SAP HR system. This video was also featured in a SAP hosted Acquia demonstration.

So if you are interested to find out more of such integrations don't hesitate to contact us at