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Wiki Home

Purpose: The main landing page for all wiki spaces. Provide a high-level summary of all spaces with links to those spaces. For the novice user, links are provided to getting started and the wiki staging areas. For the advanced user, favorite pages is provided along with news and recently updated.

What is displayed:

  1. Latest news
  2. Displays summary of 6 areas (i.e. Development and Buseinss Process Expert). Summary includes the excerpts from the 6 area pages, children of the Wiki Home page.
  3. Quick Links
  4. My Favorite pages
  5. Recently updated

Area Page

Purpose: Provide a summary of related spaces, such as Development Topics or Business Process Experts.

What is displayed:

1. A short description

2. Displays the summary of the constituent topic pages. This is accomplished with the use of the contentbylabel macro:

Area Page Title

label for the contentbylable macro

Development Topics

topic-homepage, development

Business Process Experts

topic-homepage, bpx, industry

Data and Analytics

topic-homepage, data-analytics


topic-homepage, solutions

<<  Industries >>

topic-homepage, industry
(that way it appears on the bpx page and also on the Solutions sub-group "Industries")


topic-homepage, community

Regional Spaces

topic-homepage, regional-spaces

3. On the area page, there is a specific recently updated field on the right side. This section displays all updates of specific spaces, e.g. "recently-updated:types=page| spaces=Found,CPM,ERPHCM,HC,HER,PLM,defense,CRM,mobile,SCMCS,Retail,SRM,SCM,B1,ERPLO,ERPSCM,EHP,ERP6,TDMS,Utilities" for the Solutions area page. The spaces can be used from the dynamic list which has been created by the contentbylabel macro.

4. Collaborate and Share

5. Quick Links

6. SCN Community Links

7. Events 

Sections 4 till 7 are stored on a page called Content. If you want to update those sections on all Area Pages, you need to do it here only once.

8. It also contains a hidden excerpt, including the 5 spaces, which appear on the Wiki Homepage for each area. Using the excerpt-include macro, this section appears on that page.

Wiki Space

Each Topic home page shall include two labels: 1) topic-homepage, which indicates that the given page is a topic homepage; and 2) the actual topic name (i.e. Java)

Ultimately, the content on this page should become part of a broader set of pages documenting the wiki style guide, methods, and procedures.

contentbylabel Macro


Displays a list of content marked with the specified labels.

  • key - (optional) restrict content to a certain topic.
  • type - (optional) restrict content to a certain type (all included by default)
  • showLabels - (optional) display the labels for each results (enabled by default)
  • showSpace - (optional) display topic name for each result (enabled by default)
  • title - (optional) add a title above the results list
  • axResults - (optional) the maximum number of results to display (default is 5)
  • excerpt - (optional) display first line of excerpt for each result
  • operator - (optional) show content matching with OR:any labels, AND:all labels (OR by default)
  • No labels