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"Scripting in a Box", actually began as "PHP on a Stick" with the idea that I could take my entire PHP development environment on a USB stick to whatever computer I sat down at and continue to work unhindered. It slowly, ok it rapidly expanded to become "Scripting on a Stick" containing several other languages such as Perl and Python. With the edition of Ruby/Ruby on Rails the name changed once again to "Scripting in a Box" as it was actually a bit too big for a normal USB stick, now requiring at least 1 GB. It will still work quite well on a 1 GB or bigger stick or simply on your hard drive.



  1. Hey, I love the idea of scripting in a box and have a few thoughts for its expansion...

    1. include subclipse
    2. use an installer
    3. install apache and mysql as services - then they work with the start stop buttons better
    4. include either or all of cakephp, symfony project or joomla with an example of connecting to SAP with each

    That's it for now...


  2. Thanks for the feedback, the installer though defeats the portable aspect and the latest patch fixes Apache (start and stop buttons).

    The cool thing with this is that it's Eclipse so examples can be easily added you create an example then package up your directory and upload it to SDN and someone can then import it. As for the various Frameworks, like CakePHP I would love to include but then I am sort of "forcing" people to use it the plugins I chose are the ones that seemed to be the leaders or only major ones available for the language in general but adding in a framework is like labeling it and saying it's the best.

    As for subclipse, that of course could be added but then again also by anyone wanting to add it the nice thing about this whole package it that it takes into account everything you use inside and reconfigures based on your drive/directory.

    Not that you think I'm shooting down all of your suggestions it's just that the idea was simplicity to give someone and understanding of how it works - if they really want to get into it then they need to go to the next level and add what they want. This was only a "wrapping up of all the pieces" for the initial "looksy"


  3. Sure totaly understand Craig, its just that when I set my development / eclipse environments up, these are the things that I add to them straight away. That is I make sure Apache and MySQL are services, I have to have SVN and lately I have been investigating the PHP Frameworks  to formalise a better and more productive development approach. Also I waited until I had a clean machine to install this on as I didn't want to tamper with my 'productive' development set up.

    I am curious about your portable aspect though. Do you intend that the 'SIBox' could live on a USB stick and you could run the VBS to adjust the directories if the stick was mounted as E: or F:? If so I see where you are headed with that, but I would rather 'install' it to my machine for performance reasons in anycase.

    As a slight aside, I have recently moved to the PHP IDE and away from PHPEclipse.


  4. Actually that was the total reason and with a USB 2.0 stick the performance was actually perfect and until it go too big and I didn't feel like buying a 1 GB stick just for that I used it that way without a single issue or problem (wink)

    But since it grew that idea sort of took backseat but mainly the idea is that this is that quick fix instead of fighting to find all the pieces for people like yourself this really wasn't intended more so for those with PHP skills and a SAP system but not sure where to start.