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OK so now that you've requested your space and it's been created what do you do with it? Often times that first initial step and first page are the hardest.

Here are some bare minimums that should be considered to go live with, otherwise those you are inviting to the space will be lost and not sure where to start.

  • Description, what is it, why is and what will I find there
  • Reference material - links to other areas of the SCN environment for more information
  • Collection point - an explanation to those coming on how to add content (link to the how to guides found in the FAQ and Contributor corner)
  • A clear landing page (the first page should be clearly listing points
    1-3 and what you currently have there should be found under item 3 in the collection point
  • Snazzy - this we can of course do later and that is to just spruce it up a bit to make more appealing (eye candy)