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Notice: This page contains quite a lot of useful information, however, the structure and content could be a bit obsolete. Please consider before using the info below.

Standard Data Source Enhancement steps:

Product Hierarchy Enhancement:























We need to enhance the Datasource to meet our requirements i.e. to include the above fields in the respective extract structures.

The standard Datasource structure has to be appended for the ZOBJECTS.


Steps :

1. Goto transaction LBWG to delete the setup tables for the application specific to this Datasource.

2. Check for any Outbound Queue for the specific application component in transaction LBWQ and if some entries are present for that then we have to delete them.

3. Transaction RSA7 for our particular data-source and if some records have been posted then we should also delete them.

4. After completing these steps Goto transaction LBWE which is for customizing the data-sources like enhancements or

Choosing a different Update Mode depending on the requirement.


5. Goto transaction RSA6 which is used for post-processing Datasource after they have been activated from the Business Content using transaction RSA5. Choose the Datasource and double click on it.

6. Open the extract structure and then click on append structure. If the enhancement is being done for the first time then you’ll have to create a new append structure by specifying a technical name.

7. Add the new fields with a prefix of ZZ and specify there component type. Check, save and activate the append structure and this will appear in the extract structure of the Datasource.

8. Goto transaction RSA6 and edit the Datasource. Unhide the newly enhanced fields which will be present at the end.

9. Write an enhancement code for populating these new fields from their respective table. Goto transaction CMOD and choose the project for Enhancements ZBW00001 (in present case), if it’s not present then you have to create a project using the enhancement RSAP0001. SAP provides enhancement RSAP0001 that can be used to populate the extract structure.

It has four components that are specific to each of the four types of R/3DataSources:

  • Transaction data - EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001
  • Master data attributes - EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002
  • Master data texts - EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003
  • Master data hierarchies - EXIT_SAPLRSAP_004

10. Go to enhancement of Transaction data attributes Datasources and click on include ZXRSAU01. Code will be written inside this include. Once the code is written then activate the include program.

11. Create a new executable program in transaction SE38 for the enhanced Datasource. Check and activate the program


12. Check the data using transaction RSA3. And with this we finish with the enhancement of the data-source in the source system.

13. Logon to the BI system, replicate the data-source and activate it for the changes to appear in BI.

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