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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search engine queries are driven by keywords: descriptive word or phrase used to define a topic or idea. With billions of webpages being regularly indexed by search engines, search has become the de facto method of finding information on the internet.  Want to find something? Just enter a few words that describe the topic or problem into a search engine and sift through the results for something relevant - and this is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes the stage!

SEO is a set of best practices to improve the page's rank in the [organic search results|] to increase increase visibility and site traffic.  SEO also makes content more accessible and easier to understand through better positioning of keywords. With so much information now on the web, search engines are the most popular method of navigating it so ensuring your sites visibility is crucial.

(info) Find out more in What is SEO?.

This Wiki space shares with the community some of the key SEO activities utilized by SCN to make it's content easier to find from site search and search engines, such as Google.

Key SEO Activities

More than Just Search Results...

SEO has far reaching implications such as making sites user friendly for screen readers enhancing accessibility and increasing user productivity by making content easier and faster to find!

Getting Started

What is SEO? (How does search work?)
Helpful SEO Tools