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The Contest is Now Closed!  Thank you to everyone who participated.

The winners of the drawing for the $100 Amazon gift certificates are:
US - Jose Cruz Ramirez and Robert Briese
Germany - Kai Wachter and Andreas Waldheuer
Suggested topics include:

        Role of the Subscription license in your daily job
        How you use the Subscription license to solve customer problems
        Recommendations for the SDN Team to improve the current offering (and why)
        What you find most valuable about this package. What you find the least valuable and why
        Other topics not mentioned above (must be about the SAP NetWeaver, Development Subscription package, content, roadmap, value, benefits, feedback, etc.)

Post Here

The contest is open until Wednesday, April 15, 2009.
2 Postings will be selected at random from the US and 2 from Germany.   Each of the winners will receive a $100 gift voucher.
Winners will be notified via email on April 16, 2009.


-         Only current subscribers (with a valid license) of SAP Netweaver, Development Subscription are eligible to participate
-         Applicable in US and Germany only
-         SAP Employees and Contractors are not eligible
-         Postings must be about the SAP NetWeaver, Development Subscription. SAP reserves the right to remove offensive or non-relevant postings
-         SAP may use the feedback for internal and external marketing purposes.
-         In Germany, the gift voucher will be equivalent value to US $100.

 We look forward to your feedback!

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  1. Unknown User (newtrfz)

    I am not sure it this is the correct forum, but here goes....

     Earlier this year I purchased the full NetWeaver SDN subscription (AS ABAP + AS Java).  I eventually did get this installed, and even made it through the several days of post install work.  John Hosken's Cheat Sheet article helped a lot, but it still took me about 9 tries to get it installed and working.  The server would crash now and then, but found a forum post by Shaji Jacob (April 1, 2008) that suggested increasing the Java Heap, and everything has been rock solid since.  One other note, make sure you use the "S" id that came with your SDN subscription.  I now have several "S" id's; use the correct one helps a lot getting the keys.

     About 3+ months ago, I decided to purchase the Composition Edition SDN subscription (CE 7.1).  Even though I am not a Basis person, I thought I could get this also installed and running.  Now, after about 2+ months of trying, including reinstalling the OS, etc. about 14 times, I am extremely frustrated.  I have sent several emails to the  However, I am now not receiving any responses at all from  Perhaps you are only allowed to ask a certain number of questions??

    The CE installation always gets stuck on step 31 of 34.  I have looked through every log file I can find.  It also seems to generate a support.sar file.  I have extracted everything from support.sar and looked through everything there too.  I am not really sure what to look for, but I do see a couple messages about LABEL.ASC (I think I am picking the correct one, but not sure).  There were only 2 installation DVD's that came, and this doesn't seem to match the installation guide.  I also seem to see something about SAPControlHost service not running, but when I check, it seems to be running.

    The last email I received from told me to create an OSS Message, but the "S" and "P" ID's don't seem to locate any system in ( ), so I can't even open a Message asking for help.  Now, my emails to go unanswered.

    Does anyone have suggestions/ideas/thoughts?  I was really looking forward to having both SDN Subscriptions up and running for prototyping etc., but now I really wonder if it will ever happen.

     Here is a quick summary of my landscape:

     Customer ID:  7000858

    OS:  Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition (running under VMWare Workstation v6.52 as a guest OS)

    Memory:  2.5gb

    Free Disk Space:  50gb

    Any help, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Perry Sedlar