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Theme: Superior Customer Value

Description: Customer relationships are seen as a strategic asset. A customer-centric business strategy is focused on creating customer value, developing profitable long-term relationships with customers, and delivering an exceptional customer experience across all customer touch points, thus maximizing customer lifetime value (return on relationship).  

Business Drivers

 -> Product are quickly commoditized
 -> Interaction Channels continue to proliferation
 -> Customers are empowered and have instant access to information
 -> Differentiation through superior customer service is key for growth

Key KPI's

 -> Customer Satisfaction Level
-> Close Rates
-> Customer Lifetime Value
-> Margin
-> Customer Retention Rate
-> Average Time to Resolution
-> Marketing Campaign Reach
-> Cost-to-Serve
-> Order Errors
-> Cross-sell/Upsell Rates
-> Order-to-Delivery Cycle Times
-> Net Promoter Score 

Value Scenarios

 1)      Optimize Sales and Marketing Investments
 2)      Differentiate through Service Excellence
 3)      Creating the Optimal Offer
 4)      Seamless Order Fulfillment

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