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Direct Delta: When user creates a document that will be updated to delta queue directly as 1 LUW(Logical Unit of Work).
Maximum number of LUW's in delta queue can hold is 10,000 bwetween 2 delta extractions ,if there is a possibility of having more than 10,000 LUW's then this update mode is not recomended.

Advantage with this update mode is no need of V3 job.

Queued Delta: with this update mode there will be intermediate queue called extraction queue(Tcode:LBWQ) when user create a document it will be updated to extraction queue as 1LUW.

 In real time we will define a V3 job V3 collective run with frequency hourly using Tcode (LBWE) which moves all the LUW's in extraction queue as 1LUW to Delta Queue

for example: in 1 Hourthere are 25 purchase orders, in extraction Queue there will be 25 LUW's . i.e 25 entries will be there, when V3job is executed 25 LUW's/entries in LBWQ will be updated to Delta Queue as 1 LUW.
if we display entries ini RSA7, 25 records will be displayed.

Unserialized V3 update: with this update mode the intermediate Queue is Update Queue(TCode:SM13), when user create a document it wil be updated to update queue as 1LUW. V3job wil move the records to delta queue.

There are some disadvantages of this update queue like dependency on V2 update and serialization of document positings to BI is not possible.

Considering the disadvantages of unserialized V3update,direct dleta always use the update mode Queued delta

when we run V3 job , document posting to delta queue from update queue will not happen in a required sequence.

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