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Update modes in Infopackage:

Full update:   complete data from source system to BI wil be updated to PSA

Initialisation: with this option we are making the data source to capture delta records(new or modified).
after initialization system will have pointer to get delta records.

Initialisation without data transfer: No data transfer wil happen, system will make the data source ready to capture the delta records by passing initialization selection to ECC system.

Initialisation with data transer : with this opti0on first full load will be done, once successfully completed,system will do the initialisation of Data source to get delta records.

early delta initialisation:first initialisation of datasource will be done, then full load will happen

Delta: with this option, new/modified records will be loaded, this option will be visible in IP once initialisation of Datasource is successfully completed.

once initialisation of datasource is successfully completed, then delta queue will be generated for every datasource in ECC syst

Tcode tview tdelta quueu of a Data source is RSA7

Delta queue is a datasource for new/modified records, when we execute delta IP, data will be loaded from delta queue(ECC) to PSA

Delta update will be available in Process chains

In real time first we create info package with full update and then load the data.

the Create info package(2) and select radio button initialise without data transfer.

Create Info package(3) and select radio button delta update.

this wil be maintained in the process chains to get the delta records, frequency of running this info package is daily.

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