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  1. Trying to update and get error: "POST to /wiki/pages/doeditpage.action not supported." or "Method Not Implemented"

    initial error was about external site images, so I tried to delete them en insert them on base of the wiki page attachments. but now I got the error as listed above :(

    kind regards




    We found a temp solution (we expect to have a permanent one in few days). Please reach out to me at if you encounter this issue again.



  2. Thanks - it is resolved!

    Today I encountered another issue, I can't add a link to an internet page. I highlighted a piece of text and clicked on the Insert Link button, but nothing happens.

    kind regards



    I don't encounter  an issue.  Maybe it was something temp.

    However, a possible workaround is to use the wiki markup (one of the tabs in the editor)


    [the text you want to link|where you want to link to]

    Please let me know if it wasn't solved.