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there is an issue in the travel management where the sap system is posting double payment for the employee during a trip .

Scinario : when an employee travelling to an additional destination between the hours ( Time stamp ) 000000 and 010000 / 002300 and 002359 , there is no deduction is happening. Because of this employee is eligible for First Day allowance and Day allowance , which in turn is paying more for the same day.

Solution : There are no enhancements / badis to control this , there is only one user exit which can change the data before saving.

1. create a custom project : ZTRAVEL

2. Add the project FITR0003 to the project and activate it

3. now activate the enhancement ZXTRVU03 .

4. the coding what i am using is a temporaty solution and this has to be verified afterwards.

data : v_time1 type sy-uzeit,

v_time2 type sy-uzeit,

v_time3 type sy-uzeit,

v_time4 type sy-uzeit,

v_time5 type sy-uzeit.

v_time1 = '000000'.

v_time2 = '010000'.

v_time3 = '230000'.

v_time4 = '235900'.

v_time5 = '220000'.

loop at ziel .

if ziel-rvuhr between v_time1 and v_time2.

ziel-rvuhr = v_time2.


if ziel-rvuhr between v_time3 and v_time4.

ziel-rvuhr = v_time5.


modify ziel.


this will reset the additional destination time not to the abobe mention times, so that the deduction will happen automatically for all the times after saving the request.

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