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 Check configurations for ADSUSER in su01 transaction.

  • ADSUSER should be a System user
  • Below 3 Roles should be assigned to ADSUSER
  1. 1.     ADSCALLERS
  2. 2.     SAP_BC_FP_ICF (Services should be activates under sicf-sap-bc-fp)
  3. 3.     SA_BC_FPADS_ICF(Services should be activates under sicf-sap-bc-fpads)
  • Password for ADSUSER is mentioned in HTTP destination sm59 as shown below

 Check for HTTP Destination ADS in transaction sm59

ADSUSER Password  needs to be maintained here 

If Connection Test results in HTTP code 403 , ignore it. The connection is considered successful.Check configuration for ADS_AGENT in transaction su01

  • User Type – System
  • Alias – ADSUSER
  • Below 2 roles should be assigned:
  1. 1.     SAP_BC_FP_ICF
  2. 2.     SAP_BC_FPADS_ICF

On the Portal server check for HTTP Destinations maintained for ECC System.

Syntax to be followed FP_ICF_DATA_XXX(where XXX is the SID for ECC system).

The HTTP Destinations on portal server are maintained with Authentication scheme as “BasicAuthentication” and login credentials of ADS_AGENT are used.

 Once all these configurations are done, user can check ADS by running the following reports


First time run without ticking the “With Destination Service”, below result should be displayed.

Secondly run with Destination service and again it should return return the same information. If there is some issue while running “With Destination Service” then check for configurations for ADS_AGENT user in ECC . Also check for HTTP destination created on Portal server.

 Similarly check for program FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE and it should return the same result.

 Once these reports are returning result as expected, it suggests ADS in correctly configured.

 Points to remember :

In case password for ADSUSER is changed on ECC, HTTP destination ADS needs to be configured again with the new password

 In case password for ADS_AGENT is changed, same needs to be configured for HTTP destination FP_ICF_DATA_SID.

 ADS on Portal server should be configured correctly and should be up and running