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Introduce one issue during installing DB6CONV (6 or higher) in DB2 10.5 database


When we tried to download and install DB6CONV (6 or higher) in the system which was running DB2 10.5 database, there were following errors happened:

Program DB6CONV: Syntax error in line 000478
The data object 'DB6CONVT' does not have a component called 'HOSTNAME'.

Program DB6CONVP: Syntax error in line 000183
The data object 'DB6CONVT' does not have a component called 'URLOAD'.

<How to solve the issue>

If we checked the table DB6CONVT with SE11 there was following error:

Table DB6CONVT does not exist in database

Then we could check the database parameter DFT_TABLE_ORG to see if this parameter has been setted as COLUMN
If so the new created table in database will be created as column table then we met the current issue.

we should set DFT_TABLE_ORG=ROW (this parameter was also described as in note 1851832) then this issue should be solved.

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