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Here are a list of the most popular Knowledge Base Articles during December 2016



PM-WOC-MN Customer screen in notification isn't compressed anymore
1619751PM-ISDatabase deadlock on S061 and S062 tables
1982719PM-PRM-MPLong texts cannot be displayed - Usage of function module SAVE_TEXT
2082867PM-PRM-MPDump COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW when scheduling multiple maintenance plans via batch job or IP30
1559384PM-WOC-MO(C2327) Inconsistent data: Order , Date , duplicate entry O
2252557PM-WOC-MODBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR Short Dump when saving in IW32
1903217PM-WOC-MOHow to find "commit work" statement in PM orders (T-code IW32)
1912955PM-WOC-MOUnable to business close orders in transaction IW32 due to message CO688
1964721PM-ISInfo-structure updates trigger V3 updates despite customizing
2018898PMLogical database (PM/CS area) do not return the expected data
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