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Starting with Solution Manager 7.2 SP04

The latest version for the editor can be find on the SAP Software Market Place.

You can find the latest User Monitoring Script Editor patch corresponding to your Solution Manager version on the SAP Support portal.

  1. Go to:
  3. Download download the editor SP that correspond to your Solution Manager SP.
    (For example, if your Solution Manager is 7.2 SP06, download the latest patch version for the Editor SP06)
  4. Extract the archive.

C.f. SAP Note 2564827


For Solution Manager version older than SP04 (SP03 and below)

Only the Editor embedded with Solution Manager is available.

To download it:

  1. Go to:
    SAP Solution Manager Configuration --> Application Operations --> User Experience Monitoring --> Step 3.1 Create Scripts
  2. Download the file.



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