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For example to disable the "run with trace" functionality in EEM RealTime Monitoring UI:

  • Open table EEM_CONFIG in transaction SE16 and add a line with a new configkey
  • Mark content to X and IS_PUBLIC to 1 will disable the menu item.

The possible authorization keys are listed below:

  • noauth.runtrace - enable and run trace once
  • noauth.export - jump to export page
  • noauth.jumptrace - jump to e2e trace
  • noauth.settempconfig - set temporary configuration (enable trace for specified duration)
  • noauth.viewcollectorlog - view collector log
  • noauth.globalchange - update severity, update global tabs
  • noauth.change - add / edit / remove tabs

Please note that starting from 7.1 these authorization objects are determined by authorization check on object AI_EEM instead of from EEM_CONFIG table lines.

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