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Rating of EEM status codes for Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting

After the Robot has returned a script execution notification to its EEM backend in SAP Solution Manager the event has just a status code but no rating.

In simple words: We get a number like 501 not a color.

Each scripts status code in EEM has further on a default rating. For instance status codes starting with 2 (e.g. 200) have a green rating whereas status codes starting with 4 are by default yellow. If configured red & yellow ratings trigger availability alerts in the Alert Inbox of Solution Manager.

You have the possibilty to change the mappings between status codes and ratings. For instance, if you would like to trigger a red alert if a script has status code 505 (default: Info/gray) you can change this mapping in the EEM Monitoring UI under "Administration" -> Severity

  • It is a filter passed from top to bottom. An incoming status code will be compared line by line until it fits first time and will get assigned the color specified in that line
  • The incoming event gets the color of the first line that fits beginning from top and the event exits the filter.

Caution: If you put an entry 5* on top of a more concret 505 filter line, every incoming event beginning with 5 will leave the filter after the 5* entry. Even 505 events would never reach the 505 line with potetially different color settings.

These settings influence:
- The color in Monitoring UI 
- The rating for availability alerts
- The status for reporting

Performance alerts are calculated by the Event Calculation Engine based on the given thresholds.

Availability alerts can only be triggered for real executions. If a robot is not available or cannot send a notification the status in Monitoring UI is displayed as 509 but cannot be forwarded to alerting infrastructure.

The corresponding webdynpro is to find under: application /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/eem_severity

The default values are:

For SLA Reporting the status are different because there are only two status available successful or failure.
Therefore the default status for SLA are:

All Executions with Severity 1 are ignored for SLA.
The SLA severities can only be changed with web dynpro application /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/eem_severity?area=SLA

Caution: Changing severites have an impact on future SLA Reporting after next extractor execution (AI_EEM_DATA_EXTRACTOR). Values in the past are not changed.


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