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Downloading a EEM script execution

There are several options to get the BusinessTransaction.xml of the executed script from the robot.

Direct access to file system

The files are persisted in the directory /usr/sap/<Agent_SID>/<Instance_id>/SMDAgent/temp/eem/<scriptName>

Filesystem Browser

Open the filesystem browser for the host and download the BusinessTransaction.xml from the directory mentioned in option 1.

EEM Editor

Sometimes it is interesting to compare an execution done by a EEM Robot with a local execution performed with EEM Editor.

To do so:

  1. Select the interesting executin in the EEM Monitoring UI
  2. Copy the Transaction ID to the clipboard
    1. With Solution Manager 7.1:
      Rightclick with mouse and select "Copy Transaction ID to clipboard"
    2. With Solution Manager 7.2:
      1. Rightclick with mouse and select "Business Transaction Information"
      2. Select the Transaction ID String and do a [CTRL] + [C] to copy the string to the clipboard

  3. Open the EEM Editor
  4. Open the script you are interested or download from repository
  5. Rightclick on window "Execution History" and select "Import Logs from Agent". The data is now downloaded from Solution manager

  6. Open the newly imported sexcution data set by double click
  7. you can now analyse the execution like a local one

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