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End-User Experience Monitoring Demo Application

The EEM Monitoring in a productive environment is a Flash Application embedded in WebDynpro. Once the application is started it downloads all available data from the SolutionManager to render UI and monitoring information on client side to achieve high performance.

The EEM DEMO Application is an standalone version of the monitoring UI and runs without connection to the Solution Manager for demo purpose.

Have fun to investigate the look'n'feel!

EEM Demo 7.1SP1

Caution: In some cases too high security settings of your browser may prevent the flash application to be executed. See your browser's manual for help

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  1. Former Member

    Still the same 404 error for the demo link.

  2. Hi,

    This was an old Demo on the soon out-of-maintenance Solution Manager version (7.1).
    I'll deprecate the page by the end of the day.

    Unfortunately, we do not have demo of the new version (for Solution Manager 7.2).

    Best regards,