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End-User Experience Monitoring Glossar

BusinessTransaction.xml: After recording an EEM Script with SAP HTTP Plug-In for MS Internet Explorer the data is stored in this xml-type file. It can be imported into the EEM Script Editor and will be automatically transformed to an EEM Script during the import process.

Controlled Availability: goto Controlled Availability

E2E Trace:

EEM Administration Application: Central administration UI of End-User Experience Monitoring. After uploading an EEM Script to EEM Script Repository all further configuration is done here. That includes distribution of EEM Scripts, configuration of EEM Robots or adjustment of Trace Level

EEM Availability: As the response of every execution step can be verified by a textcheck comparison the EEM provides the possibility to validate the quality of a Script Execution|#top19].

EEM Configuration Time:

EEM Design Time:

EEM Performance:

EEM real-time Monitoring Application:

EEM Robot: The EEM Robot executes EEM Scripts and therefore simulates the actions of an end-user working on the robots host. From a technical point of view an EEM Robot is an Application (Aglet) running on an ordinary SMD Agent.

EEM Run Time:

EEM Script: Sequence of transaction steps to be executed by an EEM Robot. It is recorded during EEM Design Time and can contain http or SAP GUI instructions to simulate end-user load.

EEM Script Editor: This OSGI application is meant to be a full featured development workbench for EEM scripts including editing, testing and result analysis. So it is much more than just an editor.

  • Adjust a EEM script on step or http request level
  • Avoid static request resulting in unnecessary network traffic
  • Compare several test executions of the EEM script
  • Configure response checks to guarantee that the received data from backend reflects the monitored business transaction
  • Upload the EEM script to EEM Repository

EEM Script Instance on Robot: The EEM Robot executes EEM Scripts from

EEM Repository: The central repository on SAP Solution Manager for EEM Scripts and all required resources like configuration.


SAP HTTP Plug-In for MS Internet Explorer SAP Passport:

SAP Passport:

Script Execution:

Statistical Records:

Synthetic EEM load:

Technical Scenario: A group of systems where a business scenario takes place technically. From EEM's point of view all systems which are affected by an EEM Script execution.

Temporary Configuration:

Trace Level:

Transaction ID:

Transaction Step:

EEM Environment: