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Support Information

This page summarizes instructions to provide information for supporting EEM.

Problem Area

In case you experience problems with EEM, please open a message on component SV-SMG-MON-EEM.

Client Plugin Support

To analyse problems in the client plugin please provide the following files:

  • output_IEXPLORE.trc (in the logs directory)
  • The complete folder of this recording (containing the BusinessTransaction.xml file and typically a lot of .dta files)

Editor Support

In case of problems with the Editor please follow this procedure:

  1. In the EEM Navigator select the script that triggers the problem.
  2. Right-click the script to open the context menu and choose Export.... An export wizard will open.
  3. By default, all details for the script and global editor log files will be exported. Update the tree if you want to add/remove some files from this default setting.
  4. Use the To archive file field and the Browse button to choose the target ZIP file.
  5. Hit Finish to complete the export. Provide the file to SAP if requested.
  6. If you get the error message "Resource is out of sync with the file system" during export, select the project in the EEM Navigator, right click for the context menu and select "Refresh". This should bring the project into sync again.

In older releases, the export functionality may not cover the complete scope. If you have to manually do the export, the
the following files are needed:

  • The contents of the logs directory: Files EemEditor.x.log
  • The contents of the file workspace/.metadata/.log
  • The complete contents of the script, found in folder workspace/project/script

Robot Support

 In case of problems with script executions on robots you can download all required files from the robot into the EEM Editor and analyze the result there. See also Download_Execution.

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