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Trace enabling for EEM

To get server-side data for EEM tracing must be enabled in some cases:

  • For pure ABAP based scenarios you don’t have to care about trace enabling because ICM does not know anything about trace enabling as http logging is configured in its profile. Furthermore SSR data is always written.
  • For SAP J2EE based scenarios you can also manually switch on HTTP logging permanently. You can do this as follows for J2EE Engine releases before 7.10:
  1. In Visual Admin in the Log Configurator service
    • select Category System\HttpAccess\Access and set its Severity to INFO ( apply on all server nodes)
    • on the right make sure that destination “service_http_responses” is set
    • edit this destination and set its severity to INFO as well
    • change Pattern from "./log/system/httpaccess/responses.trc" to "./log/system/httpaccess/smdresponses.trc"
      By those setting each single HTTP request will be logged to file smdresponses.trc. As this is a static configuration even HTTP requests are logged that do not contain an X-CorrelationID.
  2. In the HTTP Provider service make sure that the following properties are set:
    • LogHeaderValue: X-CorrelationID
    • LogResponseTime: true
    • LogRequestResponseHeaders: false (not mandatory, but recommended for performance reasons)
  • For SAP J2EE based scenarios based on NW release 7.10 or higher you just need to make sure that the ICM HTTP Logging parameter is set in the instance profiles of the J2EE Engine as described in the managed system setup.
  • For all J2EE releases make sure that the DSR service is started and gets started by default when the J2EE Engine is starting.
    Only if the DSR service is started DSR records will be written any time, whether tracing is enabled or not. (When you do trace enabling for a J2EE stack we explicitly start the DSR service if it’s not running yet)

As alternative to permanently enabling E2E trace, you have the additional options:

  • Enable tracing manually for a long period. Max value is 32767 minutes.
  • Tracing is enabled automatically if you invoke the function Run Script with Trace in the EEM monitoring ui.
  • Starting with Solution Manager 7.1 you can configure EEM to automatically re-execute a script with trace enabled if it reaches red performance status.
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