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How can I update the Editor without losing existing projects and scripts?

Alternative 1: In-place update.

Extract the file on top of your current editor installation. For the first time when you launch the editor, add the additional option -clean:

EemEditor.exe -clean

Do not use this option all the time since it will invalidate the editor's configuration cache and thus increase the start time.

Alternative 2: Keep the workspace separate.

You can separate the workspace and other editor configuration files from the installation files by launching the editor in a directory that is different from the installation directory. This is accomplished easily by creating a Windows shortcut.


  • Your current editor version is installed in folder c:\eem\EditorSP21
  • Your workspace and config files are located in folder c:\eem\editing

The shortcut could then look like this:

You can update the target directory in the shortcut to switch between editor versions - or maintain different shortcuts for different editor versions.

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