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Get rid of CRM "Notify.htm" ping messages or other static content like  .js, .css, .gif

While recording a http script based on SAP CRM UI you will abserve that the number of recieved request is growing every second even if the UI is loaded completly and no user activity takes place. During the recording it is a good strategy to wait some time to asure to have recorded all necessary responses from backend. Once the EEMRecorder just increases the number once per second we it is just the heart-beat ping. In the editor this is reflected in a floud of notify.htm messages at the end of each step.


Getting rid of this unwanted traffic

This heart-beat is not needed for a the script execution and just creates unwanted traffic with backend. Depending on the time you waited during recording process a script may contain hundreds of this messages. Deactivating them by hand is possible but a time consuming boring job. The chances are high that an important step is deactivated by fault during this click marathon.


A better sollution is a semi automated deactivation using regular expressions:

  1. Switch EEMEditor to source code mode 
  2. Press Ctrl-F to activate Search/Replace pop-up
  3. Find :                     (<Message activated=")(true)(.*?)(_notify.htm")

    Replace with:          $1false$3$4

    Don't forget to activate regulaer expression with checkbox

  4. Click replace all


 As a result the "active" flag will be switched from true to false for all notify messages like example below:

<Message activated="true"  id="230"  method="GET"  name="230_notify.htm"  recordedResponse= (...)

<Message activated="false"  id="230"  method="GET"  name="230_notify.htm"  recordedResponse= (...)



The same strategy works for sticky css, js, ico, or png messages just replace "_notify.htm" by ".css" or ".js" in regex. 










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