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Server Not Responding Error

If connections are closed from server side EEM does not discover this out of the box. Instead the error "server not responding" is issued. Since checking for state connections imposes an overhead of about 1-2 ms per http request this option is not active by default. Instead it must be activated by setting the parameter http.checkForStaleConnections=true for a script.
Stale connections may occur if there is a delay between two accesses to the same host, e.g. in the following scenario:

  • Access host A
  • Send a long list of requests or some long-running requests to host B
  • Access host A again. Meanwhile host A has decided to close the connection to the TCP because a configured period of no activity is expired.

This option is available as of 7.1 SP07, SP06 patch 1, SP05 patch 2, SP04 patch 6.

In the editor this option is set in the script configuration, section Advanced -> Parameters. Start typing http.che. The popup will show a list of parameters available, including http.checkForStaleConnections. If you set this parameter in configuration scope Script it will automatically be effective if the script is deployed to robots - like for all configuration settings in scope _Script.

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    Hi Thomas,

    Could you please explain a little more about stale connections?

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