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HowTo record a HTTP based EEM Script

This tutorial will show the procedure how to record a HTTP based EEM Script. A simple demo scenario will open the SAP Service Market Place main page and display the copyrigt information available there. This HowTo will introduce the important features and usage of EEM Recorder

Note: The EEM Recorder is recording HTTP via WinINet and RFC. If your target is SAPGUI use build-in recording functionality in SAPGUI itself

Overview on EEM Recorder

Downloading and preparing the application

  • Download the Recorder and unzip in a local folder.
  • Close all running IExplorer instances

Starting the recording

  • Start the recorder application plugin-starter-gui.exe as administrator and a new window appears.
  • Ensure that the selected Front-End Application is "Microsoft Internet Explorer" and press button Launch. The SAPClientPlugin will start a IE instance in the background.
  • Edit the Textfield "Business Transaction Name" and choose a name for the EEM Script you will record.
  • Accept the Output Directory default or change the log location with button Change.
  • Press button Start Transaction to start the recording.

Passing the scenario

  • Choose a selfexplaining name for the field Executed Step Name like "Launch SMP"
  • Navigate to "" with the URL field of the IExplorer. The number of displayed sent and recieved bytes will be constant after the launch is finished.
  • Click New Step and choose a selfexplaining name like "Copyright" in the SAPClientPlugin UI.
  • Click Copyright link at the bottom of the SMP page.
  • Wait until no more traffic is recorded and press Stop Transaction button to end the recording process.
  • Press Exit to close the SAPClientPlugin and save the recorded data in the log folder.
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